This is my first official post. I’m not going to go into detail about why I’m joining the WordPress world, or what my intentions are, or what I want my theme(s) to be. Mainly because I don’t know. But also because I don’t think it really matters. I’ll write whether anyone reads or not, because this is more fun than writing in my adult diary. And the very small chance that a stranger may stumble upon this by accident adds a touch of fear to the process of documenting my thoughts and experiences. But I have to admit, this whole thing does make me feel a little weird. I keep thinking of the main character from Mr. Robot. Is writing down your thoughts to yourself creepy? I know it’s public, but aren’t I essentially talking to myself? It’s totally weird, amirite?

Anyway. What I really want to write about is MY BIRTHDAY! I’m turning 29 on Wednesday. TWENTY-NINE. I know it’s stupid and cliche to get depressed about birthdays, especially since I’m still young and all that crap. But I’m normally a semi-depressed, contemplative, and existential person. So, birthdays are naturally becoming more of a problem as time goes on. I just always thought at some point during my twenties I would have an epiphany. Like I would wake up one day and think “Wow, I’m an adult! I’m mature! I want to have babies! I care about investing! I want to cook healthy meals all of the time! I want to exercise regularly! I don’t need to sweat the small stuff! I SEE the BIG picture!!” That hasn’t happened. Will it ever happen? Or will I always just feel like a big ass child? Does the fact that I think my dogs are cuter than most babies make me a terrible person? Am I supposed to force it? Is everyone just faking it? Should I take a cooking class instead of watching RHONYC on Tuesday nights? Should I subscribe to The Economist instead of Marie Claire? Should I be buying stocks instead of Beyonce tickets?? Probably…probably. But not yet. Let’s see how year 29 goes before I make any life altering decisions… like buying a fitbit or some shit.                                   

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